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Full Time – Telecommute

Mobile App Developer

See The Journey is seeking a mobile app developer who can think outside the box. Cliché? I know. We’re looking for someone who is creative in their approach to solving problems, and open-minded enough to tackle anything that comes up. Someone who comes up with ideas on how to work more effeciently, and isn’t afraid to ask questions.

As a telecommuter, you will be working largely on your own and need to be task oriented. You will be given instructions, but how you actually spend each hour will be up to you.

The right candidate:

The following are bonuses, but not required:

  • has 2 or more years of experience in mobile app development
  • is profficient in Swift/iOS and Android development
  • has experience in web technologies (PHP, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL)
  • is familiar with RESTful API’s
  • is familiar with push notification services and integration, especially Amazon SNS
  • has the ability to complete all phases of the software development life cycle
  • communicates clearly and effectively in writing and over the phone/video chat
  • shows him/herself to be efficient with time and resources
  • is able to create clear and coherent documentation that is easy to follow
  • has the hardware to get the job done
  • has React Native experience
  • works normal London working hours (9-5 GMT/BST)
  • has mobile app and website design experience
  • has experience with selenium web browser automation
  • is very familiar with WordPress
  • has experience with the Divi theme from Elegant Themes

Full Time – Telecommute

Digital Assistant

See The Journey is looking for someone passionate about organization and management. He or she will have the task of staying on top of our emails and social media accounts. The right candidate will always be on the lookout for new opportunities, contacting our people we may want to work with, write with, or magazines/newspapers we may want to be featured in.

The right candidate:

The following are bonuses, but not required:

  • has a command of the English language
  • has 1 or more years of experience as an assistant or similar
  • has experience working with cloud documents and spreadsheets (especially Google docs and sheets)
  • has experience using task management software (especially Trello)
  • is highly motivated and task oriented
  • can communicate with our scoial media following on a personal level
  • is able to keep on top of customer replies, email threads with media outlets, social media posts and comments, etc..
  • can write basic php scripts
  • has some experience with automative web scripts (like selenium)
  • has experience using design software like Photoshop and Sketch

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