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Sneaking Into a New York Rooftop Party

It's not a secret: doing stupid stuff is a big part of childhood. It helps with self-discovery, the learning process. But why then, do we stop doing those things as adults? Is it because we know have nothing left to learn? Obviously not, but many–most–of...

5 Signs That He’s the ONE

I want to take a break from all the other posts with titles similar to this one. They typically say something vague and fluffy like, "He hangs out with your mom," or, "He likes the same things you do." They're not wrong, necessarily, but they fail at the...

When to Give it Up For Love

I sat with my feet up on a cheap hotel bed. The plastic blankets rubbed up against my legs, back reclined against a wooden head rest. I was in Seattle in December of 2015, for no reason other than to leave. Nervous and excited, I didn't really know what to...

Good Love Is Anything But Boring

I recently read this article. In it, the author compares an impassioned love affair, with a certain, reliable partnership. To save you from reading it, here's the premise: "Good love is boring. Bad love is erratic." Bad love IS erratic; good love is...

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