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Maybe you’ve been here before, thinking about traveling with your partner. Maybe you even research plane tickets on the regular. You’re not really sure if you should bring it up, not really sure if you deserve a vacation, not really sure if that trip would “work out” for the two of you.

If you’ve ever been here before, or you know someone who has, stop what you’re doing and take our quiz! Then, continue on and read the rest of the article. Or, skip to the video.

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1) Traveling With Your Partner Gives You Something to Look Forward to

For most of us, day-to-day life is monotonous, and while I always try to find the “positive” and the “new” in the day-to-day, looking forward to something like a trip to the beach with your sweetheart certainly makes it easier.

2) It Can Bring the Two of You Closer Together

Traveling with your partner forces you to make proper decisions about how you’re going to spend your time together. It’s easier to go with the flow back home, because you “have all the time in the world,” but what if you only had a week or two? Who wants to do what, and how do you decide?

Coming to an agreement on these types of things is important, not just for your vacation, but for your future life together. Learning the skills of problem solving, negotiation, and thinking of the other person first are fundamental to the longevity of your relationship.

3) Making Plans is a Skill That Takes Practice

Forget negotiating with the other person! Just trying to come up with a plan on your own is an important life skill. Creating an itinerary, or even matching a series of flights can strengthen you individually.

I’ve met people who don’t go on holiday for the sole reason that they don’t want to go through the hassle of asking their employer, or can’t even decide where to go. For some, even making a holiday happen is a stressful situation.

4) It Helps You Get to Know Your Partner Better

When you’re traveling the world, or just on vacation, you’ll see your partner doing things you’d probably never see at home (is there even a beach where you live?). Couples who’ve traveled together, are closer emotionally, because A, traveling can give you a new respect for your partner, and B, trying new things together will create “exclusive” memories.

If Deborah and I hadn’t gone around door-to-door to every hostel in Playa del Carmen asking to trade a website package for a place to stay, I would never have known how brave (can I write ballsy?) she really is. It didn’t matter that she didn’t speak the language. She just did it (and then tricked me into it too).

Of course, you can do new things at home, too, and you should, but there’s a certain freedom that comes with holidays that you just don’t get at home. You can do anything, go anywhere, and have an experience that you’ll always associate with that person.

I met someone who once said, “I don’t want to travel with my boyfriend, because I’m afraid it will cause too much friction and break us up.”

Me: *Quietly pulls out phone, and buys her 2 tickets to the middle of nowhere.*

When it starts pouring down rain in Rome, what happens? What will you guys do when you get pickpocketed in Paris and you’re out on the outskirts? What if night falls in Poland, and you can’t find your way back?

Does he immediately get agitated, or does he take it with stride? Does she think rain in Rome is devastating or Romantic? It could be either one, but it depends completely on your mindset.

Getting to know these aspects of your partner will help you either fall in love all over again, or give you valuable information before you make an irrevocable mistake.

5) It Helps You Knock Things Off Your Bucket List

You deserve it.

And you’re not getting any younger.

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