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I’m in love with my wife. As obvious as that may sound, I’ve learned to love Deborah in different ways, and have been taught by different cultures. I first fell for her in Mexico, absorbing the atmosphere of the cities and countryside. We fell in love again, surrounded by my supportive family in the United States. Then again, in the amiable familial environment created by her Persian brothers, sisters, aunties, and uncles. And, of course, we’ve learned to love each other like the British do in their own unique way.

Of the four of those, England and Mexico represent opposite ends of the spectrum.

While Mexicans tend to be more physical, Brits tend to keep to themselves.

While the English prefer time with friends over family, Mexicans prioritize their ever-increasing-in-size families, exponentially.

While Mexican lovers are not strangers to public affection, making out at every street corner, it seems rare to see British couples even holding hands.

I love the Mexican outlook on love, because the positive aspects represent (nearly) everything I want in my family. Here are 3 things Mexicans could teach Europeans about relationships:

Most Friends Are Temporary. Family is Forever.

Even since Deborah and I met, friends have come and gone. Sad, right? It’s only sad because you’re focused on the negative part. Accept it as truth, and focus on the positive: Family is forever.

1) Family Should Be At the Center of Your Life.

Mexican culture is family-centric, as it should be. They turn to their families for help, they sacrifice for their families, they spend most of their time with family. I love this, because it creates a support system that makes taking risks, less risky. It helps children grow up in more loving homes, and it helps fulfill peoples’ emotional needs. The result is a (developing) country that outpaces the UK where it matters most – in happiness, despite its problems. Check this out for more.

This is what I want for my family. I want my kids to grow up in a loving home, with a system of supporting love that wraps them like a blanket. I want to teach them to love their family first, so that they can show love to everyone. I want my family to be a beacon of love, because I truly believe that’s the only way the world can progress.

2) Friends Are Cool Too, But You Need to Be More Open and Honest

You know how Becky always seems to agree with you when you explain your man trouble? Richard might be acting like a dick, but so are you, and Becky’s enabling you to keep acting the way you are. If she really cared about your development, she’d ask you (socratic-type) questions, and help you come to the realization that you might be in the wrong too.

While Brits continue talking about the never-changing weather, I’ve found that Mexicans get deep, personal, even emotional with close friends, as well as strangers on the street. They do it, because they see the value in throwing away the fluff. I want to be like that, and I want my family to be like that. The reason I was able to fall in love with Deborah so quickly is because she cuts out the BS. She says it like it is, which can be painful sometimes. You’ll scare some people away, but the friendships you do have will be more profound.

Showing Affection is Good For Your Relationship and Health.

Los Mexicanos have mastered affection. When I first saw it at this level, I thought they had gone off the deep end, but study after study has shown they were on to something.

3) Couples Who Show More Love, Actually Love More.

There’s never a time when I feel more in love than when I’m affectionate with my wife. We feel better when we kiss on every street corner, and we even get more work done when we’re playful with each other. Plus, there’s no better way to break the ice after a fight than with a kiss, hug, slap on the butt. It works pretty much every time, and there’s very little downside.

When I show more love, I’m actually become more in love, even if I’m fabricating the affection in the first place. And when I show more love, I receive more love. It’s like a never-ending upward spiral.

Everyone shows and feels love in their own unique ways, but there are some ways that are more prominent across cultures. I think Mexicans have better, more personal relationships and friendships, and I want to emulate the positive aspects. What have you seen in cultures around the world? Please give your comments by sharing this article, using the links all the way to the left of the page, and don’t forget to tag us in the post!

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