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Do you believe in Love at first sight? I don’t. Sorry to kill the romance.

What do you consider it love? What is infatuation? What, exactly, are you willing to do to find the man or woman of your dreams? Because, the answer to those three questions will determine how quickly you ever could fall in love. The first two questions could be books on their own, let alone blog articles, so I’m going to focus on the third.

Deborah and I fell in love about as quickly as any two people can, and I don’t mean to slight anyone else who fell in love faster or slower. Good for you, good for them. Everyone has their own life to live, their own journey to take.

How Did We Do It So Fast?

We Had All The Time In The World.

Deborah and I were both traveling, and we spent almost every moment with each other after the first few weeks. I had to work on my laptop, but even then, she sat next to me and worked on her project. Those moments bonded us. Don’t expect to fall in love this quickly if all you have is a 2-hour date, once a week. It would take months to even get to know them in that time.

We Were In One of the Most Beautiful Places On the Globe.

Nothing sparks romance like spending all your time on white sand beaches and cenotes of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico. This helps with the initial attraction and excitement, but it’s important to find out if this is just a “Holiday Romance” or if it’s the real thing. Sooner or later, you have to get back to your reality and see if it works in the life you live or intend to live, matching the person up with your vision. Check this out for more detail.

We Knew Exactly What We Wanted.

After childhood, relationships, education, jobs, and all the rest, traveling gives you the best canvas upon which to paint your life. That is, traveling gives you the time, experience, and permission to reflect and make conscious decisions about what you do and don’t want. Deborah and I both knew what we wanted out of life and out of a partner. You don’t have to travel, but for anyone who is trying to get themselves figured out or trying to find a partner, I highly suggest you take all the time you can to reflect on, and even write about, your wants, needs, beliefs, and experiences. It’s ok to be selfish in this exercise as well.

Most importantly

We Were Ready.

After being in and out of relationships, up and down life’s roads, in and out of situations you can’t control, there comes a point when your only concern is bettering yourself. At that point, you’re done focusing on what others think of you, you’re done trying to please your friends or your family, you’re finished even actively looking for a partner, not because that’s a conscious decision, but because you’re busy living the life you want to live. I truly believe that only then, can you really find your life partner. When you start living for you, you start finding people who enjoy doing what you enjoy doing. You begin to click with those who are most compatible with you, and as long as you are one of two people completely comfortable in themselves, love just falls into play.

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