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We’ll never remember those days in which we sat and watched movies, but we’ll always remember the ones where we create our own.

- Deborah Ostmo, while brushing her teeth last night

Deborah and I got drunk last night.

Ok, not that drunk, but we had fun.

We’re in Thailand, and not because we particularly wanted to be. The cheapest ticket back to Germany (where we’ve decided to move) flies out of Bangkok, so we got our butts to Bangkok. But, when we got there, we decided we hated it.

Deborah walked in front of me out of the airport. She squinted her eyes off into the dark gray cloud that surrounded the city. An obviously Thai man about a head shorter than me walked over to us.

Deborah starts interrogating the poor guy, “where is good to go in Bangkok?”

With a crinkled forehead, he replied “there’s nowhere good in Bangkok. So much scams everywhere.”

Deborah’s eyes opened a bit wider, “well, where should tourists go?”

“You have the palace, but it’s dangerous. The taxis are mostly illegal, there are thieves, even the money is often fake. I wouldn’t recommend Bangkok for you.”

Well we’re already here dude!

Anyway, about 30 minutes and two plates of pad thai later, Deborah and I walked back into the airport. Within 20 minutes, we had tickets to Chiang Mai, and within 3 hours we had arrived on the other side of the country.

What does this have to do with our movie?

Last night Deborah and I kissed for the first time. Don’t believe me? Well, you’re right. If my memory serves me, we kissed for the first time on July 14th, 2015, but I wouldn’t have known that last night.

Yesterday, Deborah and I had another never-ending conversation about life. We began and ended our evening by befriending a newborn puppy. We became best friends with a store clerk and ate every kind of Thai food imaginable. We made someone’s night for agreeing to way overpay for a leather bag plus ten journals. We kissed for hours while walking along a moonlit river. We lit up the faces of two little thai boys by being impressed with their toy cars. Deborah looked me in the eyes and told me she loved me.

July 14th, 2015 was our very first “forever” type of memory. Those days/nights/moments are timed so perfectly that timing seems unimportant. The moments fly, your head gets light and you float into the sky, all while staying firmly down on earth. Deborah and I kissed for the first time last night, because during this type of moment, the past, future and our surroundings were all irrelevant. We forgot where we were as the whole country became our playground. If that sounds crazy, it’s because it is. The only real explanation is that you’re playing in your own movie.

Deborah and I have several of those memories, and last night we created another one.

What would we be doing if he had stayed in our hotel room in Bangkok? Who knows, but “not that” is a pretty good guess. TTYL, we’re headed to Berlin to fill in our ten journals.

Do you have an experience when you made a last minute decision that created this type of memory? Mention it in the comments below!

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